Mañana. achieving goals quotes goals grant cardone grant cardone

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ve probably heard this word before.achieving goals quotes

Mañana means tomorrow.achieving goals quotes

Question: “When will you do what you need to do?”grant cardone

Answer: “Mañana.”grant cardone

That’s the answer most people will tell you, and it’s probably the answer you give yourself more often than you care to admit, right?

Whenever you put off doing something that could be done today until tomorrow, you are deprioritizing that thing.achieving goals quotes

The problem is, some of what you value most is getting continually deprioritized in your life.grant cardone

Because if it really were a priority to you, you’d be working on it today.


When you don’t do something today by putting it off until tomorrow, you procrastinate.

And procrastination is the simple reason why you’re NOT where you want to be yet.

If you hadn’t procrastinated, you’d have hit your goals already and be on to even bigger and better things.grant cardone

Why don’t you have $20 million dollars yet?grant cardone

Because you have procrastinated investing in yourself with the right tools to help you get there.grant cardone

I’m not saying you’re lazy, you’re just not frequent enough.grant cardone

Procrastination can take many forms, and you justify it by telling yourself you’re “planning” as opposed to making an impulse, spontaneous decision.

In life, especially in the times we are living in,You cannot

  • Have power without speed.
  • Have conviction with doubt.
  • Reach huge goals while putting things off until later.

Action will always win over thinking.

I guarantee that the problems that you have right now are not because of your age, it’s because of waiting.grant cardone

If you fail, at least swing the bat.grant cardone

All the best baseball players struck out many times before they hit any home runs.

Frequency of actions is what gets you proximity to success.

You’re not suffering because you’re taking too much action—you don’t take enough action.

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Procrastination costs money, doubt, and self-esteem.

A lot of people spend time thinking about ROI.

They want to do research.

Have you ever thought about the best things that happen to you in your life?

Were they researched or did they happen naturally?

Do you become a father before you were a father?

Do you become successful before you’re successful?

You learn these things after you do them.

You correct and make changes during the actions.

How many people pass on their first decisions?

You don’t want to add time to your decisions.

Speed wins, not logic.

Operate with urgency.

Life happens today, not sometime in the future.

You’re spending too much time thinking!

Shorten your perspective and take more actions.

I would rather scream about something that’s not right than something that doesn’t exist yet.

If I need my team to put up a new webpage, I don’t want to talk about it for days.

I want to get it up and start promoting immediately.

Sure, there will be problems, but we’ll figure it out as we go!


Perfection is the killer to production.

Perfection is basically a symptom of procrastination.

There is no reason to slow down.

If anything, you need to speed up.

There’s no speed limit in life and you need to start stepping on the gas.

There exist only two times for the successful: now and the future.

The unsuccessful spend most of their time in the past and regard the future as an opportunity to procrastinate.

“Now” is the period of time that successful people utilize most often to create the futures they desire in order to dominate their environments.

You cannot do what unsuccessful people do, which is to use any excuse they can think of to put off the tasks they should be completing immediately.

Instead, you must acquire the discipline, muscle memory, and achievements that result from taking massive action—while others think, plan, and procrastinate.

Taking actions immediately allows the most successful to design the future they desire.

The successful understand that they must keep taking actions now—they’re well aware that procrastination is the ultimate weakness.

Don’t do it mañana.

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