If you are a history geek and love to read about history,its okay. You can skip this article right away. If you are a fan of fiction and read books because you love it,exit your browser,go pick one of your favorite books and start reading. But if you are an entrepreneur,a business person or a person who is willing to work on his personal finance and read books to polish your skills,you need to read it very carefully.


We have been told that an average CEO reads 1 book every week which makes nearly 52 books a year. So you must read at least 1 book every week if you want to achieve something great in life,business or whatever area of life you care most about. But I must say that this ideology is reckoned. Here is why ;

If you want to read a 300 pages book in a week,you need to read for at least 6 hours a day to finish it in a week. So everyone on this planet has 24 hours available. Average person sleeps for 8 hours and spend 8 hours at workplace. Now you have 8 hours left. If you spend 6 hours on reading a book about business,you are left with 2 hours. Now you have to manage your friends,family,eating,entertainment and all that stuff in these 2 hours. This cycle goes on and on and on and on and at the end of the year you have read 52 books. But still there are only 24 hours in a day. Now you have knowledge of 52 books but you don’t have any time to practice that knowledge or build a business around the knowledge you acquired from those 52 books. But theories dont bring results. In order to generate results and achieve something,you need to take action. But you dont have time to take action. Just as you can’t get six pack abs just by reading motivational quotes about workout all day long,it goes the same way with business and books. You don’t build a business by reading bundles and bundles of books but by taking massive action and putting in hard work.

The saying that an “average CEO reads 52 books per year” itself is an illusion. Now when we listen word CEO,the most common names which appear in every mind are Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg,Jeff Bezos,Warren Buffet, Satya Nadella,Sundar Pichai or Elon Musk. Now the reality is that when these people started their hustle,they were definitely not reading 52 books per year. All they did was that they either read a couple of books on their field or they didn’t read any book at the very first place. If Jeff Bezos decides to read 52 books a year,he can afford to do that because boy is earning 215 Million Dollars every single day even if he doesn’t get out of bed. The boy has got all the time in the world. But not an 18 year old John who has just started his digital marketing business or Kewin who has just been kicked out of his 9 to 5 corporate job.


In business,you need to be damn practical. You don’t get nothing if you are not practical enough. But if your business hustle is limited to being a book geek,your odds are completely against you. You need to move and you need to move fast.



So it has been clear that reading this much books is not really worth it. So what you gotta do is just pick two or three books about your niche,read them and then put the knowledge you acquire from these books in action. Put in your best,work as hard as you can and then see the magic. Just don’t quit. As Jeckie Chan said ” I am not afraid of a person who has practiced a thousand moves. But I am definitely afraid of a person who has practiced one move for a thousand times.” So you don’t need knowledge of 52 books every year. Just read a couple of best books about your niche and practice over and over and over again. Thumbs up!



If you have anything to say,must comment. Your feedback and engagement is appreciated. Best of luck!