In society we live in,3% people are jobless, 80% of people live from paycheck to paycheck and rest are running their own businesses. Some of those jobless people or frustrated employees have some legit reasons to face this situation and the others willingly decided to stay there. But those who are there because of some reason,are not there for ever. They want to get out of there misery and want to stat their own thing but the problem is that they don’t have money  to start a business. If you are here, it means that you are also one of them and want to start your own  venture but have very little or no money on you. But no problem. Read this article to start your business than give it a go.

Get A Job

First things first,if you literally have No Money on you,you are in serious trouble. Before anything else,you need to get a job. Why? Because of two reasons. First reason is that you need at least some amount of money to start a business. Secondly,once you’ve started your business,it won’t go profitable overnight. You ‘ll need to be patient enough for an uncertain period of time. You can run a business without profit but you cant run it for a second without enough cash. 90% of startups/businesses fail  every single year and 23% of them fail because they run out of cash and it’s the second biggest reason for startups’s failure at such a big scale.

Second reason is the most strong. Look,you gotta bills to pay. you have to take care of your family if you have one.You have to fed your belly. You have so many things to take care of. So you know what to do. Go get a JOB!

Get An Idea

In order to start a business,you need an idea. The most common problem with people who want to start a business is that they are so confused about where to start. They have no where to go when it comes to idea. Although its very simple to havean idea for a business. Each one of 8 billions people have a habit or passion about something. You just need to find about yours. If you have a habit of gardening,you can start a business regarding gardening. If you are a food geek,you should start a food related business. And if you like travelling or writing,you need to monetize this passion.

Business Plan

Once you’ve got an idea about what your business will be about,now you have to decide what it will look like and how you are gonna get there.

First of all,you have to decide how will you monetize your idea by looking for all the available options.Like If you are a food lover,you can either start a restaurant or you can start a food blog/youtube channel. If you love gardening,you can start a gardening/landscaping services company.

Secondly,you need to decide how you are going to execute it and what are your requirements to execute it according to the nature of your idea.

Build Skill Set

Every business needs some specific skills. And there are two kinds of skills i.e. Soft Skills and Technical Skills. Technical skills are skills related to your business niche. If you love gardening and you want to build a company around this passion,you must be good at gardening.If you want to start a blog or channel  about gardening,you need to have a little bit of knowledge of web designing or youtube management. These are your technical skills.

In soft skills,you need leadership skill,sales skill,communication skills.etc. These skills are not very much necessary if you are building a blog or channel or any other online business but they are as important as business itself.


You ‘ll have to build your technical skills yourself but you don’t have to worry about your soft/business skills. We ‘ll take care of that. Sign up to our newsletter and you ‘ll get all our updates on your business skills as soon as we come up with something new. CLICK HERE to grab your opportunity.

In order to start a business with (almost) no money,this is the most important thing you need to take care of.

Launch Your Idea

In order to make the existance  of your business possible,you need to launch it. Of course. I mean how silly it is. But you know what? 90% people never execute their business idea. They have loads of great ideas but they don’t have balls to start their own business. After getting an idea,business plan and necessary skill set,launch yourventure as soon as possible.

Stick To It

Most people want to start their own business because they think business is a get rick quick scheme. But its not like that. Business takes a lot of time,effort and dedication . Your business wont become successful overnight. And you may even face a couple of failures as well. But you need to stick to it and work with dedication because things take time.  Best of luck!