Angel Diaz didn’t think he’d ever be able to overcome his food addiction until a friend asked him if he was considering bariatric surgery.

“The fact that he was worried about my weight and health was an eye-opener that my situation was probably worse than I thought,” Diaz told Yahoo.

At his heaviest weight, Diaz weighed 405 pounds

“Ultimately though, I knew I didn’t want to die early and miss out on the lives of my two kids and leave my wife to raise them alone,” he said.

Diaz struggled with his weight for most of his life and was always self-conscious about the way he looked like a kid.

By the time he turned 18, Diaz weighed 325 pounds and decided it was time to give weight loss a try.

With loss comes gain

Over a six-month period, he lost 125 pounds by making changes to his diet and through exercise, only to regain it back, and then some.


“I was a very negative person. I felt as though I was stuck, helpless, and hopeless,” Diaz remembered.

When his friend voiced concern over his health, Diaz didn’t feel ready for surgical intervention, but he did feel ready to give natural weight loss one last try.

“So, we made a deal. If I couldn’t lose 100 pounds naturally in a year, I would start to seriously consider surgery,” said Diaz.

The fear of leaving his family behind drove him to jumpstart his weight loss journey by completely overhauling his diet.

The Turning Point

“I remember my weight being a concern as early as elementary school. I was always self-conscious about my weight as a young child and honestly for pretty much my entire life. When I was 18, I had reached 325 pounds and started my first weight loss journey. I lost 125 pounds in six months via diet and exercise. Unfortunately, that weight loss didn’t last as I ended up gaining all the weight back, plus even more. That was a complete mental and physical disaster for me. I had no one to turn to.”

Diaz added that “I was in the complete dark until my friend called me and asked if I was still up for the challenge. When I said yes, he said he was coming to see me. Later that evening, he visited me with a book in his hands. I started reading it and I couldn’t stop myself once I started. I finished it in a mere 48 hours. And after reading it, I realized my mistakes I ve had been making all this time. After completing that book, I took a long 10 hours sleep and when I woke up with a fresh mind, I started making a plan keeping all the instructions and tips from the book in my mind and started my journey from zero the very same day.”

The first big change

“I knew for me to be successful, I would have to eliminate all unhealthy food,” he said.

Diaz focused his efforts on tracking his calories, cutting out all added sugar and artificial sweeteners from his diet and counting macros.

Within weeks, he started to notice his energy levels improve.

“After the first month, I realized that I actually was going to lose the weight this time. It was just a matter of waiting for time to pass.”

The game-changer

Two months into his transformation, Diaz began incorporating exercise into his routine by going out for jogs.

“The first night I jogged 0.19 miles and thought I was going to die,” he remembered.

“The next night, however, I went back out there and ran a little farther. The following night I did the same — until eventually, I ran 1 mile without stopping.”

After losing 88 pounds and despite his anxiety of being overweight and out of shape, Diaz pushed outside of his comfort zone even more by signing up for a gym membership.

“As soon as I started in the gym I began looking forward to going every day and really enjoyed strength training. I’ve been going to the gym, consistently strength training and running, five to six days a week since June 2018.”

It was all worth it in the end

Since the beginning of his weight loss journey, Diaz has lost 191 pounds and feels better than ever.

His sleep apnea and high blood pressure have been reversed, he can run 1 mile in under 7 minutes and is able to lift weights heavier than he ever thought possible.


“Since losing the weight, my mentality has completely changed. I feel as though I have a new lease on life,” said Diaz.

“I am a more positive person: I wake up happy, I go to sleep happy, I’m a better father, a better husband, and just overall a better person.”

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